🌿 Introducing CAPITAL GARDENS PALM HILLS – Your Oasis in the Heart of the City 🌿

Discover a new way of living at CAPITAL GARDENS PALM HILLS, nestled in the vibrant heart of New Cairo. Just 35 minutes from Heliopolis and 25 minutes from the New Cairo residential area, this 105-acre oasis promises a unique residential resort experience.

🏡 Welcome to Saraya – Where Harmony Meets Life 🏡 Saraya, a visionary 105-acre community, seamlessly blends green spaces, retail, entertainment, commercial hubs, and residential units. It’s more than a place to live; it’s a self-sufficient, neighborly locale designed for total harmony.

🏢 Signature Architecture by Shehab Mazhar 🏢 Experience modern design fused with natural surroundings, courtesy of the renowned Shehab Mazhar. CAPITAL GARDENS PALM HILLS stands as an exclusive community, promoting peace of mind and a life in perfect balance.

🌳 A World of Greenery and Sunshine 🌳 Spanning 433,650 sqm, with 2,500 homes, Capital Gardens embraces a landscape-centric philosophy. 79% of the project area is dedicated to lush greenery, linked by walkways and bicycle lanes, providing ample room to breathe and roam free.

🌷 Where Beauty Meets Functionality 🌷 Capital Gardens boasts a mere 21% built-up area, ensuring every inch is a testament to well-being, comfort, and security. It’s a golden opportunity to embrace a life filled with sunny skies and amenities that cater to your every need.

🌲 Lush Landscapes – A Signature of Palm Hills Developments 🌲 At CAPITAL GARDENS PALM HILLS, verdant landscapes thrive, constituting 79% of the total area. These green havens not only enhance the scenery but also create a healthier, more invigorating climate for you and your loved ones.

🛍️ Everything You Need, Right at Your Doorstep 🛍️ Enjoy an array of amenities and facilities, alongside a vibrant community center spanning 11,500 sqm. Indulge in nearby commercial outlets, retail stores, eateries, and more. Choices abound, ensuring convenience is always within reach.

Capital Gardens is not just a place to live; it’s a vision for a life well-lived. Embrace the resort lifestyle in the heart of the city. Your tomorrow of dreams is here, today. Don’t miss out on this extraordinary opportunity.

Welcome to CAPITAL GARDENS PALM HILLS – Where Life Blossoms 🌺


CAPITAL GARDENS IS 35 minutes from Heliopolis and 25 minutes from the New Cairo residential Capital Gardens.

Saraya CAPITAL GARDENS PALM HILLS New Cairo is a unique concept built on 105 acres and promises a residential resort in the heart of the city. Saraya is a mixed use well integrated urbanized community designed for total harmony in all aspects interweaving greenery & retail & entertainment & commercial and administrative spaces along with residential units to make for a self sufficient & neighborly locale.

CAPITAL GARDENS PALM HILLS famous signature architecture of Shehab Mazhar

use a modern design style with the functionality of space convolute with the natural surrounding environment & Capital Gardens is an exclusive community highlighting peace of mind in all aspects of life So turn on and tune in or turn off and tune out Capital Gardens is the tomorrow of your dreams & today Capital Gardens is developed with the purpose of bringing a whole new life to light It is specifically designed towards your wellbeing comfort and security . offering a golden opportunity spanning 433.650 sqm and housing 2.500 homes. Filled with sunny skies & lush greenery along with a myriad of amenities and facilities & Capital Gardens has a built up area representing only 21% of the project’s total area & with 79 % going towards a vibrant landscape interconnected by pedestrian walkways and bicycle lanes to allow for breathing space and room to roam free.

A Palm Hills Developments CAPITAL GARDENS staple is the vibrant and lush landscapes coloring all of its projects and Capital Gardens promises just that.

With 79 % of its area dedicated to gardens & parks and pedestrian footpaths to not only enhance the scenery & but also create a better climate and breathing spaces for you and yours.

The idea behind Capital Gardens is to bring the resort aspect of life to the residential scene.

CAPITAL GARDENS PALM HILLS You will enjoy a number of amenities and facilities to make your life easier along with all the nearby neighboring commercial and retail outlets & eateries & an 11500 sqm community center amongst others & you certainly won’t be short on choice

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